In 2025, Detroit's I-375 will become grade level, presenting an opportunity for 31 acres of new development where Black Bottom (Hastings Street) once stood. Who will benefit from the new development, can we repair past harm, and who decides? How do we achieve equitable and reparative development? May 16, 2024

This I-375 flyover (moving north from Jefferson to Mack) shows some significant Hastings Street neighborhood sites then and now. Featured in our exhibit, "In the Neighborhood: Everyday Life on Hastings Street." July 14, 2024

JHSM Executive Director Catherine Cangany, PhD and Vice President Barbara Cohn talk about our brand-new temporary exhibit, "In the Neighborhood: Everyday Life on Hastings Street" at the Detroit Historical Museum. July 3, 2024.

Go behind the scenes to learn about some of the incredible objects and stories featured in "In the Neighborhood: Everyday Life on Hastings Street," our exhibit in the community gallery of the Detroit Historical Museum, running through July 14, 2024. June 2, 2024.

A highlights reel of the opening reception of our brand-new exhibit, "In the Neighborhood: Everyday Life on Hastings Street" at the Detroit Historical Museum! Video by Flow Video. April 18, 2024.

Born in Vienna in 1928, Edith Mayer Cord moved with her family to Italy and then France to escape Nazism. What happened next is a story of survival and perseverance. Cord's daughter, Emily DuThinh, highlights her mother's story and how its legacy benefits present-day and future Michiganders. August 24, 2023.

From Motown to klezmer, has the music heard at American Jewish weddings since the 1950’s become a tradition all its own? Uri Schreter discusses the politics and traditions of American Jewish music, refracted by events happening outside the wedding hall, including the Holocaust, the creation of Israel, and rapid assimilation. July 20, 2023.

During mass Jewish immigration to the US, the Kosher food industry experienced unprecedented expansion. A key force behind this commercial growth was Jewish organized crime. Aaron Welt, PhD lectures. May 23, 2023.

In May 1910 Detroit’s Kosher meat prices soared. Local Jewish women organized a boycott and riot, even opening a co-op market. JHSM's executive director, Catherine Cangany, PhD, presents. Photo courtesy Walter P. Reuther Library. May 11, 2023.

Highlights from our second heirloom roadshow. See some of the community's treasures as we source objects for our 2024 exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum! Video by Blue Racer Productions. April 30, 2023.

Celebrate a half century of women rabbis in America with a panel discussion, featuring Prof. Karla Goldman, Rabbi Amy Bigman, Rabba Yael Keller, and Rabbi Blair Nosanwisch. March 30, 2023.

Seymour and Saul Kaplan owned a popular Detroit butcher shops: Kaplan Bros. Kosher Meat Market. Its clever advertising campaign highlighted recipes featuring store ingredients. Seymour's son, Richard J. Kaplan, joins us. February 9, 2023.

Jennifer Caplan, PhD (University of Cincinnati) discusses brand-new book, Funny, You Don’t LOOK Funny: Judaism and Humor from the Silent Generation to Millennials (Wayne State University Press). March 9, 2023.

"Strikes, bombings, and baked goods." So reads the history of Michigan’s historical Jewish bakeries. Stacy Fox (president and managing partner of Star and Diamond bakeries) discusses this interesting topic and presents vintage recipes. January 26, 2023

Our 2018 documentary about Alpena's Temple Beth El, which has been serving the community since the late nineteenth century! A very special thank-you to Phyllis and Stephen Strome for making this documentary possible!

Learn about SUCHO (Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online), which preserves Ukrainian cultural heritage, including Jewish collections. Quinn Dombrowski and Anna E. Kijas tell us about their work and how we can support it. (January 12, 2023)

Highlights from our first heirloom roadshow! Video by Blue Racer Productions. Thumbnail courtesy Elayne Gross Photography. (December 4, 2022)

For almost as long as there have been Jewish children in Detroit, there have been Jewish day schools. Spanning the 1850s to 2000, Rabbi Aaron Bergman considers the history of offerings for a Jewish education. November 30, 2022.

Contrary to a pervading stereotype, metropolitan Detroit's Muslims and Jews have lived side by side for nearly a century--largely without incident. What can we learn from this inter-communal relationship? October 20, 2022

Art historian Deborah Lubera Kawsky, PhD, discusses the inspiring life and career of Detroit design icon, Ruth Adler Schnee. This talk focuses on Schnee's legacy as a Jewish woman in the field of design. June 22, 2022.

Carol Ellstein, PhD, Susan Burack, and Lynette Webber share Jewish connections to Mary Doria Russell's novel, The Women of Copper Country. This program was made possible with support from Michigan Humanities. April 25, 2022.

Recent violence against Jews stands atop a long history of American antisemitism that most people do not know. In this program, Pamela S. Nadell turns to the past to help us grapple with the antisemitism of our own moment in time. April 12, 2022.

Thousands of unauthorized Jewish immigrants crossed the US-Canada border at Windsor to work in Michigan's auto industry. That shaped the federal government's policies toward illegal immigration and business and labor union practices. March 21, 2022.

Mike Skinner unpacks the complicated working relationship between architect Albert Kahn and motor magnate Henry Ford. Although they worked well together, their interactions were constrained by Ford's public antisemitism. March 14, 2022.

Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan reveals how art can enrich history. Discover the historical inspirations behind her studio art, including the Kindertransport quilts at the Zekelman Holocaust Center. March 3, 2022.

When interstate buses debuted in the 1920s, most bus corporations insisted on racial segregation. White Americans were largely silent about these practices with one major exception: Jews. February 23, 2022.

Charles R. Gallagher recounts a forgotten chapter in the history of America's far right. Christian Front members viewed themselves as crusaders fighting for the nation's spiritual purification. February 10, 2022.

JHSM VP Barbara Cohn interviews Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri and his daughter, Shear, managing director of Yigal Ozeri LLC. Yigal Ozeri is one of the leading artists of photorealism. Photo courtesy Elayne Gross Photography. January 21, 2022.

Award-winning author discusses Frank Murphy (Detroit mayor, Michigan governor, and US Supreme Court justice) and his ties to the Jewish community. Part 3. January 19, 2022.

Award-winning author discusses Frank Murphy (Detroit mayor, Michigan governor, and US Supreme Court justice) and his ties to the Jewish community. Part 2. January 12, 2022.

Award-winning author discusses Frank Murphy (Detroit mayor, Michigan governor, and US Supreme Court justice) and his ties to the Jewish community. Part 1. January 5, 2022.

JHSM. We keep the past present. And you are our future.

Annelise Heinz, PhD talks about her new book, Mahjong: A Chinese Game and the Making of Modern American Culture. Photo courtesy of Elayne Gross Photography. December 1, 2021.

Historic architect Laura Mitchell is on hand to talk about the recently renovated Detroit Free Press Building, exploring the impact the building and the people within have had on each other. November 17, 2021.

NBC News reporter Erin Einhorn explores the history of the notorious racial segregation wall that was built in 1941 to divide Black and white residents of a northwest Detroit neighborhood. Photo courtesy Elayne Gross Photography. November 4, 2021.

Rachel Yoskowitz, MPH explores modern-day refugees, gleaning wisdom from previous refugee resettlement efforts and understanding how Metro Detroit plays a part today. Photo courtesy of Elayne Gross Photography. October 20, 2021.

Noted psychologist Leonard Felder, MD discusses the influences of growing up in Detroit, from attending Beth Abraham and Temple Israel, to the Michigan Region of Temple Youth. Photo courtesy of Elayne Gross Photography. September 23, 2021.

Filmmaker Andy Kirshner joins Catherine Cangany (JHSM), Rabbi Asher Lopatin (JCRC/AJC) and Carolyn Normandin (Michigan ADL) to discuss Ten Questions for Henry Ford. Photo courtesy Elayne Gross. August 26, 2021.

Ora Pescovitz, MD talks about her life and career with JHSM President Risha B. Ring. Photo courtesy of Elayne Gross Photography. July 27, 2021.

Judy Batalion talks about her newest book, The Light of Days:The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler's Ghettos, with JHSM Executive Director Catherine Cangany, PhD. Photo courtesy Elayne Gross Photography. July 8, 2021.

The Chene Street History Project documents the history of the Detroit neighborhood, which cuts through the city's east side from the Detroit River to GM's Hamtramck Plant. It was once one of Detroit's most vibrant commercial corridors. June 23, 2021

Following JHSM's elections and programming retrospective, Patrick Gallagher (Gallagher & Associates) shares his experience planning, designing, and creating Jewish exhibits and museums around the world. June 7, 2021

Rachel B. Gross, PhD argues that artisanal delis, picture books, historic synagogues, and Jewish genealogists are nostalgic activities that should be understood as religious practices. May 25, 2021

Innovators & Entrepreneurs, sponsored by Jan-Pro Detroit and Alrig USA, is back! Jared Rothberger and Gabriel Schuchman interview Geoff Kretchmer (Star Trax Events and Detroit Axe) about his unusual career path. May 12, 2021.

Prof. Emeritus David Weinberg joins us to talk about "The Bintel Brief: East-European Jewish Immigrants and Their Descendants Make Their Way in America, 1906-1967." Photo courtesy Elayne Gross Photography. May 3, 2021.

Our new series, "Shattering the Ceiling," features interviews with pioneering Michigan Jewish women. Meet Molly Reeser, founder and executive director of Camp Casey." Thanks to Ann Conrad for her generous support of this series! April 20, 2021.

Craig P. Wilson (chief curator of Mackinac State Historic Parks) tells us all about Ezekiel Solomon(s), Michigan's first Jewish resident, who settled in Michilimackinac in 1761. Photo courtesy Elayne Gross Photography. April 6, 2021.

JHSM docent Gail Fisher gives a 5-minute look at Hans Petzolt's 1596 Double-Cup, tracing its amazing journey from Jewish owners, to confiscation by the Nazis, to restoration, and finally to the DIA. April 8, 2021.

Rabbi Joseph Krakoff (Jewish Hospice Chaplaincy Network) stops by to talk about how Covid has both affected and not affected end-of-life care and ritual. A collaboration with the Jewish Hospice Chaplaincy Network. March 23, 2021.

Gabriel Schuchman (Alrig USA) and Jared Rothberger (Jan-Pro Detroit) kick off our new sponsored series, "Innovators & Entrepreneurs," interviewing Dennis Bernard of Bernard Financial. March 10, 2021.

J-Cycle 10 (2021) Resources

Looking for more information on J-Cycle 10's automotive-themed stops?

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J-Cycle 8 (2018) Interactive Map

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J-Cycle Interactive Map


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